Intermediate Surf Kayaking (BC Surf Kayak Leader)

This course is for those that have covered the surf kayak basics and would like more time to embed them. Extend your repertoire in up to double overhead height surf (on a kayak), and learn to surf the whole of the wave using top and bottom turns, cut backs and the best diagonal runs whilst staying near the pocket…

British Canoeing Surf Kayak Leader Training (optional)

You can complete the BC Surf Kayak Leader Training by doing this course; the only pre-requisite is for you to be able to paddle at the same standard as the either the New 3 Star Surf Award or the Old 4 Star Surf Award. There is no BC fee and no need to register with the BC for this training course.

What surfing level do I need to be?

For those that have either completed the INTROmediate Surf Kayaking course or have your 3 Star Surf Kayak or can surf a wave on a head high kayak wave and then be in control in white water. You will have some experience rolling.

Personal skills that you will be working towards include:

  • Efficient paddle out and correct wave selection.
  • Effective take offs, going into diagonal runs at the correct height for the conditions or a carving bottom turn.
  • You will also work on your top turns (carve and slash), and cut backs, to use the whole of the wave, allowing you to regain the wave and continue your surf.
  • You will be able to exit the wave by carving off it, rather than being caught up in the white water and being taken to the beach
  • You will develop your rolling skills on both sides in up to double overhead height surf (from a kayak).
  • How to choreograph your ride on this size of wave to hone your skills and surf it, rather than it surfing you.

A range of rescue skills will also be covered in various scenarios:

Practicing how to set up management systems and leading a group surf kayaking; learning how to cope with deep water rescues; towing using a range of techniques in the most suitable place; carrying and surfing someone with you on your boat and safe and controlled shepherding.

For more information on the course : Intermediate Course info


BC Surf Kayak Leader Training: 27-28th April 2020

BC Surf Kayak Leader Assessment: 19-20th Oct 2020


£199 – 2 day training course AND/OR £210 for 2 day assessment.
£385 – 5 days: For those that wish to spend more time to practice and consolidate their skills so they become natural, and to get to know the local area.

Group discounts are available, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

(Please Note: BC fees are on top of these prices)

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