Advanced Surf Kayaking (BC Advanced Surf Kayak Leader)

This course is designed for those that want to surf competently in a wide range of locations and conditions. You will maximise your performance by receiving great specific feedback, including the use of video and an action plan for future development. We will take you into advanced conditions where personal skills, group leadership and peer support will be stretched and explored and shared strategies put in place.

British Canoeing Advanced Surf Kayak Leader Training OR Assessment (optional)

You can complete an Advanced Surf Kayak Leader Training OR Assessment by doing this course; the pre-requisite is that you have your Surf Kayak Leader Award.

What surfing level do I need to be?

For those that have either completed the Intermediate Surf Kayaking course OR have your  Surf Kayak Leader Award OR can surf a wave competently and be in control in up to double head height whilst sitting your kayak.

Personal skills that you will be working towards include:

  • Excelling in your efficient paddle out, choosing the right wave from the back, and learning how to roll and punch through waves.
  • Taking off effectively through correct timing given the height to enable you to stay on the shoulder/ in the power pocket of the wave, plus ‘making’ sections given good wave awareness and great diagonal runs.
  • You will also work on a range of turning techniques to maximise the conditions, yourself and your equipment- all the way to becoming ‘light’/getting air if you have the correct foundations in place.
  • Transfer play-boating techniques to the surf environment to add that extra bit of spice.
  • How to exit the wave through a range of ‘final’ moves, punching through the lip or carving under a breaking lip.
  • How to choreograph your ride on the wave to hone your skills.

For more information on the course : Advanced Course Info


BC Advanced Surf Kayak Leader Assessment: TBC.

Please contact us if you are looking for a training course as we can organise them on demand.


£220 – 2 Day Assessment (Please note: BC fees are on top of this price)

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