Surf Kayak Coaching & Courses

  • Over 25 years surf kayak experience.
  • Improve your performance with professional coaching.
  • From half-day sessions to 5 full days.
  • All abilities from beginners to advanced
  • On sit on top, surf kayak or wave ski.
  • Work towards British Canoeing (BC) qualifications (optional).

Using the latest technology you will have the opportunity to be coached in real time with two-way communication via your helmet and the coach. This allows instant feedback whilst you are on the water. At the end of your coaching session you will be given an action plan and an opportunity to view video footage of your session.

Choosing your course at a glance….

 Course Roll (guide only) Max Swell Size British Canoeing Level (Approx) Boat Leading Others
 Introduction  N 3ft  2-3 Star  Any  N
 INTROmediate  Y/N 4ft  3 Star  Any  Y/N
 Intermediate  Y 4ft  Surf Kayak Leader (Old 4 Star)  Surf  Y
 Advanced  Y None  Advanced Surf Kayak Leader (Old 5 Star)  Surf  Y
Individual Coaching sessions are available – 1 to 1 coaching £150 per day or £80 per half day

DATES for 2020:

  • 2 day Coaching Course: 21st-22nd April
  • BC Surf Kayak Award Training: 24th April
  • BC Surf Kayak Leader Training: 27-28th April
  • BC Surf Kayak Leader Assessment: 19-20th Oct
  • BC Advanced Surf Kayak Leader Assessment: contact us

 Who is it for?

  • Individuals and groups of friends : Providing outstanding, challenging coaching to increase your performance.
  • Canoe Clubs : Enjoy brilliant canoe club trips at your pace.
  • The Armed Forces : This makes for fantastic Adventure Training – especially abroad!
  • Schools/colleges : Great for coaching all levels of ability at the same time, and to allow students to gain confidence and skills that are transferable.